The story started from here

A normal student named " Seif " in the primary school nerd has no life just studding to be in the first ten students list of the school, start listening about a device told computer we can play on it games as "super super mario"


in the start of the preparatory school

the nerd you know before; his life changed he filled in love with computer and start knowing the start browsing and reading about new things and suddenly his friend told him that his computer was hacked by anonymous hacker, start searching about hack and security and he pushed to a dangerous way!


in the last year of the prep.

At the last year of the prep. school he changed from a nerd with high marks to a hacker with :

  1. A Famous nickname:S4hk
  2. A list of Famous sites hacked by him
  3. A huge number of followers
  4. A List of news that raise his fame
  5. A List of thousands of hacking mirrors in:zone-h and others
  6. A blog full of posts about famous sites hacked by him
Newspaper link
elfagr Article
veto Article
masress Article
inewsarabia Article


in the secondary school

in the first year he started to be more professional in hacking and coding his private tools with python and know international hackers as madleets and make a sessions about security in his school , at the second year he tried to be a White hat hacker and think about his future more.. but the white hat hacking was not interesting and the third year come with pressure and his family take the pc out and he start studying again.

in the university school

After the third year of sec. school he came back with no idea about the exploits and security updates , with a few knowlage of coding he get 95% and reached Al-alsun faculty chinese language departement he studying and studing but no way he need coding and hacking again but have some problems with hacking..

  • feeling gulty of hacking people coz:
    1. he deface the websites
    2. make people pay more to fix problems
  • White hat is pooring
so he choose coding again


He applying to reach Intermark team :D

video with custom buttoms